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Viswanath S

Years of Exp: 8+ Years
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Mon to Fri 7:30PM to 9PM

Live Q&A Sessions

25 Hours


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Mon to Fri 7:30PM to 9PM

Live Q&A Sessions

25 Hours


Live Project

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Learn in this Microsoft Power BI

Power BI Data Sources & Data Sets

Power BI Data Sources
Connecting to different databases like sql server etc.
Power BI File Sources
Connecting to different file systems like flat file, excel etc.
Power BI Web Sources
Fetching data from different files
Working with import and direct query
Difference between Import and DirectQuery.
Editing Data Sources
Editing Data Queries
Data Sets

Editing Datasets
Applying Changes to Datasets
Cleaning Datasets in Power
Reverting changes to Datasets
Relationship in Datasets
Editing Relationship in Datasets
Defining relationships between tables
Creating custom table
Connected to Different web sources
Merging Data from different data sources

Power BI Editor Features

Merge Queries and Append Queries
Merging Data from diff sources
Remove columns and split columns
Choosing required columns in the data
Working with different transformations

Applied steps in the query editor
Working with hierarchies
Working with Pivot & UnPivot
Working with Transpose in Power BI
Creating index and custom columns
Group By functionality in Query Editor

Power BI Visualizations

Working with different visualizations
Working with table and matrix visuals
Working with different levels of filters
Data Visualizations with Power BI
Gauge and cards


CHART Report Types and Properties
Field Properties: Axis, Legend, Value, Tooltip
Field Properties: Color Saturation, Filters Types
Formats: Legend, Axis, Data Labels, Plot Area

Data Labels: Visibility, Color and Display Units
Data Labels: Precision, Position, Text Options
Analytics: Constant Line, Position, Labels

Modifying Legends and Visual Filters - Options
Hierarchies: Grouping Multiple Report Fields
Hierarchy Levels and Usages in Visualizations

DAX functions with Power BI

Working with DAX Functions
Calculated Measures by using DAX
Parameters with DAX
Dynamic Report Filters, Expressions
Date functions
String functions & Arithmetic Functions

Calculated Columns / Measures

Understanding Calculated Column
Creating Calculated Columns
Understanding Measures
Creating Measures
Difference between Columns & Measures

Power BI Deployment & User Management

Understanding PowerBI Cloud Architecture
Deployment Power BI Desktop Reports
Managing report in Power BI Services
Editing Reports in Power BI Servers

Power BI Advanced Features

  • Working with Data Hierarchies
  • In-built slicers and custom slicers
  • Date slicer
  • Working with reference lines
  • Dynamic Texts in Power BI
  • Measures for Dynamic Texts
  • Dynamic tooltips

  • Filters
  • Types of Filters
  • Visualization filters
  • Page Filters
  • Report Filters

  • Drill Through in Power BI
  • Creating Drill Through Reports in Power BI
  • Developing KPIs
  • Creating Parameters for Data Sources
  • Creating Parameters for File Paths
  • Difference between Reports & Dashboards

  • Key Influencers in Power BI
  • Power BI Question & Answers
  • Interactions in Power BI
  • Edition Interactions in Power BI

  • Selection Pane in Power BI
  • Hiding / UnHiding Using Selection Pane
  • Bookmarks

Who is this classes for?

Freshers and Experienced who are interested to start their as Data Analysts / Data science / Business Intelligence (BI) / Data Visualization

How does this class work?

Attend Master Live Classes
Do Exercises as you Watch
Learn all the Deliverables
Finish given Assignment

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Meet your Mentor.

Viswanath S

8+ Years of Experience
Myself Viswanath, a highly experienced instructor with over 8 years of expertise in Power BI and MSBI technologies such as (SQL, SSIS, SSAS, Microsoft Cosmos and Microsoft Azure). Viswanath has been working in the data analytics industry for a long time and has gained a wealth of knowledge and skills that he is eager to pass on to his students. He has a proven track record of providing effective training to individuals and teams from various industries, helping them to enhance their analytical capabilities and achieve their business goals. Viswanath is passionate about teaching and always stays up to date with the latest advancements in Power BI and MSBI to ensure that his students receive the best possible
Worked with brand like

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Power BI Master Program

Rs. 25,000
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Yes! You will be certified for this workshop on submission of your assignment.

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Receive an instructor signed certificate with institution’s logo to verify your achievements and increase your job prospects

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Add the certificate to your CV or your Resume or post it directly on LInkedin. You can even post it on instagram and twitter.

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Did you know?

10.1 %

Power BI is one of the fastest-growing business intelligence and data visualization tools in the market. In 2020, the global business intelligence and analytics software market size was valued at USD 24.9 billion and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10.1% from 2021 to 2028.

500 companies

Over 97% of Fortune 500 companies are using Power BI today, and it is recognized as an industry leader in Analytics and BI Platforms


According to Upwork, Power BI freelancers can earn an average of $50-$150 per hour, depending on their experience, skills, and location

$94,588 per year

According to & Glassdoor, the average salary for a Power BI Analyst is $91,360 per year in the United States and the estimated total pay for a Power BI Analyst is $94,588 per year, with an average salary of $87,203 per year. For Power BI Specialists, the estimated total pay is $94,329 per year, with an average salary of $87,091 per year

Frequently asked questions

Yes! You will be certified for this workshop on submission of your assignment.

The course is designed for professionals, data analysts, data scientists, business analysts, and anyone interested in learning how to use Power BI for business intelligence and data analysis.

Yes, upon completion of the course, you will receive a certificate of completion that you can add to your resume or LinkedIn profile to showcase your skills in Power BI.

Yes, you will be having a Live Q&A session for Doubt Clearing from our expert Trainers.

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Rs. 25,000
   Only Rs.18,000  

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